GCRM - The GeoCache Rescue Mission Cooperative

If you see GCRM or GCRL on the cache page, that means this cache is part of the GCRM-Cooperative! This means you are allow to help the cache owner by replacing the container or just the log for the owner.

GCRM - Replace the log as needed or container if the cache container is broken or missing.
Before you replace a missing container, you must spend a reasonable amount of time searching - at least 5 minutes per difficulty rating. The cache owner accepts that there is a chance that multiple containers could be at the site. Please remove duplicate containers if you find multiple caches at the site. Broken containers and full logs may be disposed of at will.
GCRL - Log-replacement-only - do not replace the container if there are any issues - just contact the owner by email or needs-maintenance log.

Per the geocaching.com Disclaimer:
Individual geocaches are owned by the person(s) who physically placed the geocache and/or submitted the geocache listing to geocaching.com.

Cachers with GCRM/GCRL on cache pages must still be responsible for the cache placement. GCRM/GCRL is just letting cachers know that they are pre-authorizing to help out with cache maintenance if they want. GCRM is expected to only be used on cache hides that are of a relatively standard hide, not for unusual or high-difficulty hides.

Join the cooperative! (*by joining, you agree to abide by ownership resposibilities above. To join, just add one the icons to your cache page.)

  • Keep Rescue Sheets and containers with you. Remember - this way you can sign the log and have a valid claim while helping a cache owner with maintenance.
  • Put GCRL/GCRM and icon on your cache pages!
    GCRM HTML for cache page:

    GCRL HTML for cache page:

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